Data Management With Interactive Portals

Data management with custom interactive portals allows you to customize your data according to your business needs and goals.

Data is the heart and soul of a business.  At B-Line Express, we understand how you would want to protect and manage your heart and soul.  We can also help you analyse, organize and use your data to your advantage.  Through our Custom Web application service we can create applications that can take your data from numbers and words to charts, reports, maps and forms to use in your everyday business needs.



Access to Space Database (ATS) provides a onestop centralized resource for the community to match payload rideshare requirements with available rides. The ATS application captures detailed orbit and spacecraft parameters in order to perform the matches. The reporting feature allows searching on several different types of Orbits, Missions and Instruments.


Sciences and Exploration Directorate (SED) Management and Planning System (MAPS) database is an interactive management tool designed to link all SED data in ONE place. It enables easy analysis of the data for financial tracking, management and strategic planning purposes. This includes the integration of several different data types: Workforce, Proposal, Financial Transactions, Income Statements, Management Reports, IT Inventory, Space Management Office Utilization, Center Investments, Travel. The system allows for standard and report generation based on user needs.

Benefits of Management & Planning System

• Integration of 5 primary data types: Workforce, Proposal, Financial Transactions, Income Statements, and Management Reports.

• User-friendly navigation (including a simple point and click and drill-down design).

• Multiple levels of access suited for multiple types of users and applications.

• Frequently updated data to enable preparations of the most accurate and timely reports.


Mission Configuration application was built in 2010 to provide GSFC a way to store all Mission Configuration data in one data repository. The robust tree navigation allows users to easily drill down by mission and subsystems to find the component drawing or details that are needed. Mission Configuration contains configuration drawings, diagrams, parts lists, close out photos and engineering orders. The Mission Configuration application provides the users two types of advanced searching capabilities. The Keyword search allows the users to search for a specific component or part across all missions. The Advanced Search allows the user to search across missions through standardized and non-standardized nomenclatures. Search results are easily exported to Microsoft Excel and saved. Additional reporting capabilities allow for the Mission tree to be viewed in multiple layouts, printed to a plotter or exported in various formats.

Benefits of Mission Configuration

• Many “Ease of use” Configuration Tree features allows for expansion or collapse tree at any level, increase/ decrease zoom levels, move/ drag tree functionality and reset to high level tree.

• Adobe viewer and functionality built into the application for ease of PDF file viewing and functionality.

• Advanced searching capabilities such as:

• Click on search result item to display current PDF file and tree level.

• Export search result to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

• Save search criteria by User.


This emailer application is used by many of the club’s over 100,000 members and helps Porsche Club of America connect, contact, and communicate with it’s vast number of members.  B-Line created a user-friendly application that allows for custom distribution list creation and sharing, multiple formatting options and template archival options that surpassed the expectations of the club administrators.


The Photo Gallery is a responsive, flexible application that allows users at any technical level to create eye-catching galleries of digital images. Members are allowed access and privileges of uploading their pictures for editing, showcasing and sharing.

Benefits of PCA Photo Gallery

• Multiple gallery layouts allows for a variety of modes for optimal display

• Editor tools for both images and text

• Additional areas for captions, footnotes and customizations

• Galleries can be updated or archived at any time through the administrator interface


NASA Ride Share is a portal for the Goddard Space Flight Center Payload Rideshare Office. The NASA Ride Share application contains information about the Goddard Payload Rideshare Office including contacts and events. The Help Desk allows Scientists to request a ride on a payload or request a payload for a launch.


The Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) Handbook application provides information, guidance, documentation, templates, forms, and checklists for the Safety and Mission Assurance activities and products that support GSFC managed projects. The contents are divided into the following sections: general information and guidance; mission assurance; systems safety; reliability and maintainability, risk management, and lean six sigma; software assurance. The contents are keyed to the Agency defined project life cycle where appropriate to ensure that activities and products are timely as well as effective.


Science Proposal Support Office (SPSO) assists Goddard scientists and technologists in responding in a timely and effective manner to new research proposal opportunities. The SPSO Home page website is a portal to submit Requests for Community Service Funds, Science Innovation Fund (SIF) Proposals and Research Proposal Budgets Submission. The Community Service Funds and SIF Proposal submission applications have been live for over a year. The Research Proposal Budget Submission is currently being developed.


The Supplier Insight database contains information that will help users to see suppliers in the NASA GSFC Supply Chain, see detailed information about each supplier, view issues or concerns by supplier and/or across projects, and view Non-STD Workmanship processes approved for GSFC suppliers. The Dashboard provides a quick overview of all projects and suppliers currently in the system. Users have the ability to view details about each item through simple tree navigation or links.


B-Line was tasked with the privilege of designing and maintaining NASA’s Technology Inventory database. The main access page is shown here. B-Line designed the icons for each Enterprise and integrated Flash motion graphics to create a memorable entrance.